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Left behind 02:37
Can't find a place I can call my own seems to turn to nothing all the time can't find hope inside the heart of this town no chance for me to call it mine Still believe it is gonna be okay is nothing but lies cause I cant figure out the way how to save us from here steal us from decay bruise on my neck can you hear the fall searching all around for lies to be true thinking back how you chose your side drown in the hole I was spiting into will you join me down some people are meant to disappear sometimes being the man is hard to wear following the path that led you here forgotten my way to come back home you still believe it's gonna be okay can't feel the rush since i've lost my way still I havent wasted enough of my time I guess I wont ever get back in the line can't find the path away from you can't find the right way to leave can't find the strengh to forget can't find the right way we cant take back what's left behind we can't take back what we've left behind straight after we lost it / it's far from our hands so far gone on earth, but still close in time the fear of tomorow is the least we can get
Sorry we departed this way storming lack of empathy remembering that smell is just the worst for keeping myself down I've been alarmed that curse will follow me / at least I had figured it out I chose to run and I fell climbing the stairs / while I should had dug my grave both things detachted the world's still singing for rain / and you're ready for more watching the time rewind itself in the night / I've been learning from the best earing your sins / begging stays free asking for redemption lately (cut off the rope just let it flow) you try to live like everyone else I choose to sit back and relate while watching your poor body to claim you'll belong / you'll behave forever still the clock has stopped let's argue for a while and we'll see what comes of it How did you get so far slowly you'll reach all of us and once you'll reach me hold me not yet let me dream of a remedy
Slowly, it's so strong I try to figure out what is wrong or right Rehash the bottom of the whole universe pretend to kneel in front of all the others Sentence to death it is all we deserve it's what you deserve most count down these mistakes and get me the rope I'm going to hang them one at a time until mankind goes right and we're all back to ashes so close to hell we've been here before I made it alone I've been careless lets write this chapter growing in me through hate and blood pure fantasy walks home with fire blowing up my faith now it seems much better than yelling for nothing
Old knives 03:36
Still we hold the crown we can't feel the knives in our backs yet time to close the gate make them know it's all about to end hundreds of bodies will fall other there calling some gods rising swords in the air cutting the head  throw it away kill every master we'll do it again waking up / born again still can't feel the knives in my back no growing old / much the same still dont know what's left loose anymore I think I'm going blind seeing grey everywhere can't remain too much time on the ground wherever the waves will take me I hope the vultures will tear me apart still the ship is gone and there's no one around hold your tongue for once and start crawling hard hope the vultures will tear me apart let burn / last try try to find some strengh for the last time I think i'm going blind seing grey everywhere I think I'm going blind seeing grey everywhere can't remain too much time on the ground still the ship is gone and there's no one around hold your tongue for once and start crawling hard
Not worth it 02:52
Daily faint arrives to mess with me / there is no much i can save try to pull it up above of my head / doesnt seems like get upon your night and spread your will / cause there is no one to clear you the way shinning little voice speaks to me / doesnt seems like it'll work out get out of your place is like get out of your skin, I washed my knife, I'll run after you get on the roof and then get on the ground, caring for once isn't too much to do ears along your one and only face, alone you'll hear your fate I'll dig a hole I wont make it fast, right into your privileged chest, I'll act beside my words but it, constantly reminds me I'm not worth it and none of us are I'm not worth it and none of us are you must try forever instead you will stay forever insane
Canal 02:58
Regression 03:17
Pleased to feed the distance between us theres just nothing reality makes you better or is it unconsiousness talking rights, not fully respected fights for an inexistant flame Made of pride not insanity all the things you can get but trying to steel don't give a fuck fixing mistakes which you'll never care about All we see all we've learn from modern times is we're sick it's been a long time since we lost ourselves moving backward in hate, we'll put back our masks we have to deal with their rules and follow the masses can we fight this alone (Stand on our own) forced to swim in this dust I'll try not to drown when was the last time that you've been choosing the sickness has spread it's overwhelming rise up together but together is lame one day will come where no one can be trusted wrong life / right slave a whole time / well spent same tides / paved way longest ride / wasted The purpose of our story / get your repentance get along with your thoughts, get rid of your past regression is lame but we brought it ourselves disapear in the dark tell your children to take care I was born by law and raised in the blindness behind the crowd faces paled in a row tired to scream at the door and wait for an answer when the bullshit around seems to win all along try to wake up tomorow but I will be gone I will be gone hanged on your wall
The Uprising 02:45
Always under the lead Of people who deceive us fighting against this extolling hate Without being sufficient we are Fucked in different ways And all the victories of my fathers were scoffed since we were born ripped off my skin paid in full is enough for me it grown enough every vision might stay away Watch the uprising Coming at your door we will burn you we will burn you down we are Fucked in different ways And all the victories of my fathers were scoffed since we were born ripped off my skin paid in full is enough for me it grown enough every vision might stay away winning / fighting / less drowning / in here I'll find no rescue Ripped off my skin it grown enough for me We don't want you around Because you are a fucking divergent stand in line for ages We don't want this to spread Because this is fucking disgusting it's time for retaliations are you fucking kidding me
Falling Free 03:18
Could someone turn this headache off for me still all i see is how far we are from here until the noise will turn to quiet and when the bell will knock my head off I guess I'll have to fit in no, that's what we heard wasting, wasting our blood now, feel the storm coming watch the air freezing one letter out spread the whole word still all i see is how far we are from here stuckin this part of town, let's try to not make mistakes growin in this rotten house, is just a waste of time start to forget how to talk, and try to learn how to hear right
Black Sun 03:32
No one can love what we never recover we all live in jail in our own satisfaction the days are going fast and the night is riding in my time here is past and the light is vanishing now we wait for this black sun to make us blind trying to not make a step out of line (I hope you'll never come along) Never ride the land, Never cross the sea never fly the clouds to me cause i'm still crawling and craving for more as the headache is going away as my shoulders starting to break you got to let it go you got to let it go now all this darkness still shine on me



Romain Neveu / Guitar / Vocals
Gabriel Fritsch / Bass / Vocals
Marc Raas / Drums


released July 6, 2018

Recorded by Olivier Michelot @ Studio Georges Meliès (Orly, Fr.) in December 2017
Mixed & mastered by Jordan Le Prévost-Lofong @ Studio Barman Records (Rouen, Fr.)
Produced by Les Disques du Hangar 221 & Without Skin
All songs & lyrics by Without Skin
Artwork by Anthony Pepin
Layout by Laura Burdzy

Contact us : without-skin@laposte.net


all rights reserved



Without Skin Le Havre, France

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